500 Hour Teacher Training

500Hr Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training

Discover the Relationship Between Ayurveda & Yoga

Who This Is For..

Mela Academy provides yoga teacher training classes, resources and inspiration to aspiring and experienced Yoga Teachers and Alternative Healers. Our classes are perfect for yoga practitioners who are looking to deepen their practice, broaden their teachings, and become transformational leaders in the field. Unlike other trainings in South Florida, AYAH is the only one in the Southeast to offer a comprehensive curriculum for yoga teacher training and professional development, featuring up to 750 hours under the umbrella of Ayurveda.

The 300 Hour Course

Though both the 200 & 300-hour Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training courses are unique for those students who want to study Ayurveda & Yoga together in a traditional way, this intensive course includes both Yoga & Ayurveda theory & practical applications as well. You will be able to study how we combine Yoga & Ayurveda in therapeutic way, as well as learning to balance & transform yourself and your students with traditional Ayurveda & Yoga techniques.


Expanding upon methodologies, the 300-hour course will allow you to obtain further knowledge in teaching and structuring sequenced classes. Offering additional class time in anatomy and yoga philosophy as well as teaching methodologies, students of this course will enjoy more in-depth training.


Welcome to the Certification in Ayurveda Yoga

This is an intensive program for Yoga teachers who wish to extend their knowledge in, and enhance their Yoga teaching practice using, the ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda. A pre-requisite to participating in the AYTT is a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from a Yoga Alliance approved training program.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems, revealing the knowledge of life (Ayur – life; Veda – knowledge). The main guiding principles of Ayurveda are i) the mind and body are inextricably connected and ii) the mind has the ultimate power to heal and transform the body.

What does this training do for you?

The language used in Ayurveda can be perceived as challenging to those outside of Eastern culture. However, behind that language lies a vast wealth of knowledge which gives valuable instruction for enhancing life. Ayurveda instructs us on which substances, qualities and actions are life-enhancing, and which are not.

The AYTT transforms this Ayurvedic knowledge into easy to absorb nuggets of wisdom that will help you to significantly enhance your Yoga teaching. By participating in the AYTT, Yoga teachers will learn to complement Yoga asana (posture) with Ayurveda wisdom.

The Ayurveda teachings will reveal how optimum health can be achieved through an understanding of the energy points (marmas) and energy channels (nadis) in the body, together with an understanding of the 3 biological humors (doshas) which make up each individual’s constitution (prakruti and vikruti).  Participants will gain a full understanding of the impact that the marmas and nadis have on individual doshas. This teaching will delve further into the srotas (channels within the body through which nutrients, tissues and wastes move) and how these are impacted by asana. A detailed list of the subject matter that will be covered is below – see What You Will Learn (make this a link to the section below)

This knowledge will enable Yoga teachers to significantly “up their game” in the Yoga teaching arena, bringing increased value to their clients through an enhanced offering. In addition to instructing clients on the use of asana to improve body tone and strength, Yoga teachers will be able to impart knowledge on the healing ability of the mind and body.


While participating in the AYTT, you will be within a community of like-minded individuals, supporting each other on a journey of growth, healing, learning and love.

The AYTT is a journey of personal growth which develops your own Yoga practice on a physical, mental and spiritual level. You will learn of the Ayurveda philosophies of non-violence, service and ethical behavior as a practicing yogi. In so doing, you become a living example of yogic living to your students and to the world.

Course Elements

Each student of the 300-hour training course will enjoy teachings in:


Balancing the Doshas – Increase your ability to perform, teach and adjust postures.

Instructing One-on-One Sessions – Apply Ayurvedic and yoga principles to your individual private class sessions.


Breathing techniques and control – Learn and teach the proper way to breathe while addressing and resolving imbalances. Increase consciousness development.


Using class sequencing techniques – Learn to teach students around seasonal flows, especially for the transitions between the seasons or transient travelers. You’ll also be able to sequence classes for group, semiprivate, and private settings, by season, time of day, and by Dosha.


Adjusting your classes to optimize the time of day – Educate yourself and your students about how the basic concepts of Ayurveda relate to life by the time of day and seasons.


Personalizing private yoga classes – Help people develop a personal yoga practice suited to their unique constitution.


Designing your own class structure – Learn five different Vinyasa flows from an Ayurveda dosha-balancing perspective and a restorative sequence to develop an optimized class schedule.


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Prerequisite: 200-hour yoga teacher certification from a Yoga Alliance-approved training.