About Rishi Eric Infanti

About Rishi Eric Infanti;

Rishi is a Transformational Mindset & Marketing Coach for; Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, & Alternative Healers.

He is the creator of the Mela Academy Mastery Coaching Program, helping Alternative professionals & studios rapidly grow their businesses through mindset and marketing execution. 


Author of "Marine on the Mat", Advanced Yoga Teacher, Rishi is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and a CEU educator and trainer for Massage Therapists & Yoga Teachers, while offering his own eclectic Certification design for Yin Yoga, Ayurveda, and a 200/500 hr Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training.


Rishi takes his experience and vast amount of knowledge to another level, thus implementing online education and business-marketing services to the ever-growing health, wellness and fitness industry. Trained as a Software Project Manager and Systems' Analyst, Rishi has now designed marketing and technology-related programs, products and services aimed to educate the next generation of healers and trainers by providing them with strategic tooling necessary to compete in today's dynamic marketplace.


Ayurveda Pracitioner & Educator


Rishi is an Ayurvedic Practitioner who graduated from the prestigious California College of Ayurveda Ayurveda massage (abhyanga), Shirodhara and Svedana Training Course , has also studied in India and with Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies & Ayurvedic Science from NEITC.


Mindset & Marketing Coaching

Rishi is a graduate of The New England Institute for Transforming Consciousness with a Master's Degree of Consciousness studies in Ayurveda; with a concentration in the Advanced Ayurveda Bodywork and Spirituality, and Union Institute and University with a Masters Degree in Buddhist and Transpersonal Psychology, focusing in spiritually oriented contemplative healing modalities from Hindu and Buddhist philosophies as they intersect with Western psychology.

Rishi is available fo; talks, workshops, trainings and seminars on the Business of Yoga, eclectic Yoga Asana programs, Yoga Philosophy, and integrating the Eight Limbs of Yoga into your Yoga classes; as well as CrossFit Mobility, Kettlebell, Olympic Lifting, and how to integrate CrossFit into both everyday and military lifestyles. To book Rishi, contact him.

Books by Rishi Eric Infanti

Marine on the Mat:
Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga - from Parris Island to Mysore India


In story format, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Yoga teacher, Rishi Eric Infanti outlines the parallel of his Marine Corps experiences and his journey as a Yoga teacher. Threading the Eight Limbs of Yoga from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and his seven week exposition to Mysore India to deepen his understanding and practice of Yoga, Ayurveda and fine art as a vehicle for healing.


Whether your an experienced Yoga teacher, new to the Yoga lifestyle, or a Veteran looking for ways to unravel the trauma of your own experiences, Marine on the Mat will inspire and guide you on your journey.


In the book you will learn:


  • How to integrate the Eight Limbs of Yoga into your life
  • How to see the Eight Limbs as a daily practice
  • Understand how to support Veterans with a healing system
  • Inspire your own journey towards optimal health
  • Learn how not to be stuck by your circumstances

Breath Becomes Life:
Pranayama - The Yoga of Breathing


Because the breath, a giver of life, is an art in itself in learning to control it and the entrance to other parts of the human existence, be it physical or mental. However, Pranayama is an engagement that goes beyond breathing. It is a core of Yoga. The gateway to uniting the body, mind and spirit.

Pranayama is a yogic practice that requires you connect all of your five senses to your breath. In breathing, we give life to our being. However, there are a lot of physical and mental elements that make the human being. Pranayama helps you focus on connecting to all of these components, giving life to them in the process.

Connecting the breath to your mind releases a lot of negativity from the human system. How you can go about this practice will be discussed to raise an insight into why you need to improve your breathing by creating a connection during your yoga practice.

In his book, "Breath Becomes Life", Rishi Eric Infanti described the art & sciance of breathing, the technical aspects of the Pranayama exercises, and the supporting Yoga postures to integrate this as a full, alive, and effective practice for your health and wellbeing.


Yoga & the Martial Way
Yoga for the
Jiu-Jitsu Athlete


Coming Soon


"Yoga & the Martial Way" simultaneously helps Jiu-Jitsu athletes develop the mobility for the art of "rolling", while growing into increasingly capable, heart-centered, martial warriors. Filled with Yoga sequences, physiology, and psycho-spiritual insights, "Yoga & the Martial Way" immediately fosters positive transformation in the art of Jiu-Jitsu for anyone who embraces it. Perfect for veteran martial artists and newcomers alike, this book and additional online courses, are a unique experience in the field of martial arts as a path to awakening.


Training for life; the path of the ultimate warrior, in all traditional Jiu-Jitsu arts teachings, is not just the path of the fighter. It is a path of service, love and protection for our community. It demands us to access the deeper qualities of the warrior: focus, energy, perseverance and dedication to a cause bigger than ourselves.


If your goal is to become a complete martial athlete, especially in BJJ, then leaving the ancient practice of Yoga out of your training regimen is non-negotiable, there is no room to debate it. It’s a must if you must step up your game. There is no other exercise or system out there that addresses and develops as many mental and physical attributes as Yoga does.


Ayurveda Yoga Therapy
Yoga Chikitsa: Yoga as a Therapy


Coming Soon


AYURVEDA IS ONE OF THE OLDEST systems ofholistic medicine that is still around today,dating back over 5,000 years.


What you will Discover in this book:


  • Ayurveda is a common practice in India; Yoga and Ayurveda are thought to be “Two sides of the same coin.”   While a definitive objective of Yoga is self-realization, Ayurveda’s essential goal is self-healing.


  • Ultimately, Ayurveda gives the establishment in body and mind for seeking after a profound way through Yoga.


  • Yoga and Ayurveda together shape a comprehensive methodology for mental wellbeing, imperativeness, and    higher mindfulness. Yoga and Ayurveda uncover to us the   mystery forces of the body, breath, faculties, mind and  chakras. All the more critically, it develops transformational  strategies to optimize them through eating regiment, herbs, asana, pranayama, and meditation.


  • Yoga and Ayurveda address our whole nature, our more   remarkable life as a spiritual and grandiose being. It looks   at the most considerable extent of Ayurveda, which   incorporates physical wellbeing as well as psychological wellness and planning for an intelligent life. So also, it   investigates the whole field of Yoga, the art of Raja Yoga and its eight limbs, from asana to meditation.

Rishi Teaches Lifestyle Medicine
for Living an Abundant & Healthy Life

As a Transformational Mindset & Marketing Coach

He is the creator of the Mela Academy Mastery Coaching Program, helping Alternative professionals & studios rapidly grow their businesses through mindset and marketing execution.

As an Ayurveda Practitioner & Advanced Yoga Teacher
As a Multi-Modality Therapist
As a CrossFit Seminar Coach
As a JiuJitsu Athlete & Coach
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