Ayurveda Workshops

Discovering Ayurveda Workshops

An Introductory Ayurveda Course
The Impact of Ayurvedic Lifestyle on the Body, Mind & Spirit

Ayurveda was developed in ancient India thousands of years ago, it’s a powerful system of personalized health care, offering a whole-person approach to wellness that incorporates mind, body, and spirit.

Ayurvedic Nutrition places an emphasis on foods that ground the soul, nourish the body and delight the senses. With this 4-session program, you'll receive access to both Yoga & Ayurveda which will provide you with personal tools to improve your health and restore balance.

We will be combining, movement (Yoga), an Ayurveda presentation, and to further your Dosha analysis. You’ll enjoy the experience of Yoga & Breath-work, a Dosha exercise to discover your constitution & presentation.

What You’ll Learn:



  • Experience Yoga
  • Learn breathing and stress-release practices
  • Take a dosha quiz to discover your mind-body type
  • Understand your current state of wellbeing and receive personal tools to improve your health and restore balance
  • Access personalized nutrition and exercise recommendations for your dosha type
  • Cooking for the five senses and six tastes
  • The importance of digestion and how to maintain a balanced digestive system
  • Tools and techniques for maximum nutrient absorption
  • The mechanics of satiation and its relationship to the tastes and senses