Follow the Signs

Where Divine Inspiration Meets Your Dream Bucket List

2 min read


Heading into 2020, with enormous gratitude and aspiration. There is so much being created in manifestation, from source, from simply thought, from my dream-space, from the ultra quiet moments in meditation. 


After running 4 marathons in my late 20’s early 30’s, I’ve had the Ironman 70.3 on my radar for over 20 years now, this also starts to show my youthful age lol. As time passes, I take note another year not trained for this. Late this 2019, the signs were right in front of me, along with my trash bag of excuses. Yet, a woman kept showing up randomly to my events wearing an Ironman jacket (in Florida, a 🧥 jacket). I’d ask her briefly about the race, and life would move on. The last time I took action and she said she’d put me in touch with a coach. 


With all the things I have in my life right now, and not willing to give them up, still training BJJ, an intense awesome travel schedule coming up, my life purpose shining brightly in front of me, I have zero time (again) for this long-term training for a 70.3 mile event, with a body that still needs rehab and some serious conditioning. 


Merry Christmas to me, I met with my new Ironman coach Christmas Eve and he worked out all the details and coaching with me. I have the 9-month training periodization in the works (I love mapping these out), and the excitement inside of me is literally pulsing. 


Stepping up to this is really self-inspiring, to finally meet the dream of training for and completing this, and sky is the limit from here; thrilled that I’m more self-aware and clear listening to the divine occurrences that show up for me. Honored truly I am, and thank you.