2-Day/14 Hour LIVE

Thai • Neuro • Marma: Healing Certification

14-Hour Thai • Neuro • Marma: Healing Certification

14 Yoga Alliance CEUs available !!!


Combining elements of Thai Massage, Neuromuscular Fascia Release, and Ayurvedic Marma Point, this course will give you the tools, techniques and theory to learn how to use them in your practice to effectively treat your clients pain & dysfunction.

The Missing Knowledge of Healing
What seems to be missing in the typical Thai Massage and bodywork education is how to treat specific orthopedic disorders & syndromes. It is not taught in most schools and cannot be found in most books or videos. My wish is to have every serious Healing student and practitioner have this knowledge available to them so I have created this very detailed curriculum and manual to make this possible. I would like to invite practitioners and students of every method of manual therapy and energy work to discover and learn this effective and simple method of treating pain.

What is “Thai - Neuro - Marma” ?
Thai Acupressure is the heart of the medical tradition of Thailand. It is not separate from Thai Massage. In Thai “Nuat Rak Sa” means “Massage to take care”. Thai - Neuro - Marma, is referring to “Fascia trigger point therapy” is a series of compressions and presses (Fascia release with deep slow pressure) along specific lines and Marma energy points following a protocol to bring relief to many common ailments and orthopedic disorders. This is done inside a Thai movement, where the client is in a comfortable sustained position.

10 Ready-Made Formulas
Whether you attend a live workshop or take the Video-Course, with the Guidebook, you will learn the specific Marma points as well as the treatment formulas as designed by Rishi. Each formula shows the Fascia release techniques and Marma points to use when treating specific common ailments such as: Headaches, Spinal Disorders, Shoulder Pain, Elbow, Wrist, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, and much more.

How is it Practiced?
Thai - Neuro - Marma can be incorporated into all styles of both body work & energy work. It is practiced on a mat on the floor or table and the client usually dressed in loose comfortable clothing. The practitioner uses hands, elbows, fingers, knees and feet and at times other tools or dowels to work the lines and points. Oil is also sometimes used on the skin. The line and point formulas in Thai Acupressure can be effectively worked whether you practice Thai Massage or any other style of healing from Reiki to Deep Tissue massage to TCM/Acupuncture.

What are Ayurvedic Marma Points?
The Marmas respond to different patterns of muscular use, movement and breathing. Each Marma relates to a specific Vayu or wind, Dosha or constitutional type, Dhatus (nature of the tissue involved) and Shrotas (vehiculing channel). The knowledge was applied simultaneously on the battlefield, as well as in medicine and surgery. We find 108 vital junctions over the surface of the body. They appear at the intersections of different muscular patterns, joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, arteries, veins, nerves and subtle energy currents. They are vulnerable areas as well as key points to different energetic centers of organic activity.

What is Neuromuscular Fascia Release?
Fascial release is the application of the gentle manual application of sustained pressure to release fascial restriction. The word "myofascial" is derived from the Greek word "myo", which means "muscle," and the word fascial. Fascia covers every muscle and every fiber within each muscle. When muscle fibers are injured, they heal by forming adhesions, the fibers and the fascia which surrounds it become short and tight. In scaring and adhesion the ground substance of fascia is converted from gel state to solid state.

Full 14 hour course 10 treatment protocols
Focus: powerfully-effective injury recovery techniques and protocols to learn how to treat:

1. TMJ Syndrome Treatment
2. Neck & Head Pain Treatments
3. Plantar Fascitis
4. Scar Tissue
5. Sciatica
6. Scoliosis
7. Tennis Elbow
8. Osteoarthritis
9. Low Back Pain Recovery, Herniated & Bulging Disc
10. Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

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In an effort to expand the knowledge of Mindset & Marketing for Healing Spaces, Practitioners & Teachers, Yoga, Therapy, & Ayurveda practices. Rishi performs on-site; trainings, workshops, and event talks for healing centers and yoga studios. Combining his knowledge of 3D-world marketing, mindset developement, with spiritualty, yoga with a passion for Ayurveda, Rishi leads a variety of workshops within a range of topics.

about Rishi Eric Infanti, MA, LMT, ERYT-500, Ayu
Author, CEU Educator, Gifted Therapist, Veterans Advocate

A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran & 7-time Author, he is the author of “Marine in the Mat” & “Breath Becomes Life”, “Yoga & the Martial Way”, & “Mindfulness & Yin Yoga”; and is a Transformational Mindset & Marketing Coach for Psychologists, Therapists, Alternative Healers & Yoga Teachers.


It is Rishi’s passion to help the overall Veterans’ support community bring much needed, relief and healing to Veterans especially those with PTSD. He does this through a multi-tiered “Mindfulness for Veterans Clinical Blueprint Program”. This is built upon a holistic & integrated approach of Mindfulness mental focusing and Yoga Meditation & Movement, which is proven to bring the human Psycho-Physiology & Psycho-Spiritual back to wholeness & oneness. The programs are delivered both live in-person or virtually where modalities are customized for each segment of health professionals, family caregivers and the Veterans themselves.

He is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and a CEU educator and trainer for Massage Therapists & Yoga Teachers, while offering his own eclectic Certification design for Yin Yoga, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and a 20/50/200/500 hr Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training.

Rishi's books as well as custom esoteric Yoga & Buddha Art:

Rishi's books as well as custom esoteric Yoga & Buddha art commissions are available for purchase. Text or email him for details.