What the Mela Academy Stands For?


·       Mela Academy provides the knowledge and experiences to coach and inspire manifestation
and abundance through sharing unique gifts of each teacher, healer & therapist.

Ascend: Yin Yoga
Weekly Online Classes

Develop a Balanced & Consistent Yin Yoga Practice in your own home, at your own pace, on nearly any device!

Coaching Programs

Mindset & Marketing Coaching spacifically designed for Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Acpuncturists & Healers


Are you struggling to get to the next level in your healing or teaching business, while also determined to serve your clients and community in a way that reflects your beliefs and values?

Ayurveda Lifestyle Program

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Maybe You're in That Place Of...

Ready to grow your business so that it truly reflects the passion you have for uniqueness & gifts?

Are you ready to implement potent weekly teachings, tips and refinements to make change right now?

Ready to drop the 'wounded healer' archetype and show up in your business as the empowered, spiritual healer that you are?

Are you ready to receive support to build loving business structures that support your creative energy to flow in a channelled and potent way?

Destination Retreats & Online Events

Om Santuary Retreat

  Asheville NC

  April 2019

Ayurveda Lifestyle Program Info Session



Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training

  Delray Beach FL

  January 2019

Are you ready to grow your business so that it truly reflects the passion you have for  your uniqueness & gifts?