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Mela Is...

Mela is a Sanskrit word = meaning festival or fair, a gathering of people. This is the level of JOY and FUN I see in coaching, teaching and developing my TRIBE.

Mela Academy Brand Values:

  • Service & contribution
  • Inner harmony, balance and self-respect
  • Creatively expressing both Wisdom & Spirituality
  • Achievement and abundance of wealth and joy
  • Responsibility to stand for a global and universal healing as a Citizen of Earth, stripping the boundaries of personal identity
Our Vision
Our Logo

Mela Mindset & Marketing Coaching


The good news is, I created this mentorship program designed to propel your Healing Business, Yoga Teaching or Massage career in 12 weeks.

I know what it's like to dedicate myself to the craft of teaching and massage, without knowing how to put business structures in place or to do effective marketing.

I have taught many workshop series and have run teacher training  programs, and have owned my own studio managing over ten teachers & three therapists working for me.